newfoundland | the boil up

I love coming home to Newfoundland in the winter, because my brother and I always go for a traditional Newfie “boil-up”.

A boil-up (or a cook-up) is basically an outdoor winter picnic in the woods. You cook your food and boil fresh stream water to make tea – all over an open fire in the snow.

It was quite a warm day today (about minus 6 degrees celcius, compared to yesterday’s nose-nipping minus seventeen!), so we hopped on my brother’s ATV (all terrain vehicle) and headed for “Big Pond”.

This time of year, the water in the pond freezes solid (about 10 inches thick), so it’s safe to walk, skate, snowmobile, or drive an ATV full of cheery Newfies over the ice safely.

Here are some snaps from today’s little expedition.



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