autumn hikes | castell dinas brân, peak district, delamere forest

IMG_2054.JPGAfter a nice long(ish) summer, I’m just about ready to trade in my sandals and iced coffees for sweaters and hot apple cider. Autumn is here – and it’s crisp, smokey, golden, and invigorating!


One thing I’ve found myself complaining about repeatedly since moving to the UK is the lack of clearly defined seasons. In Newfoundland, where I come from, it’s pretty obvious when you have to dig your car out of three feet of snow (every morning) that it’s winter.

Having lived for a year in Sydney, Australia (where, let’s face it, it’s pretty well just a kind of hot or cold summer all year round) – I realised how much I missed the natural progression of seasons, rolling easily into each other, slowly and steadily marking the passing of time.

Britain sort of has seasons. But they’re all green seasons. Lush green spring, patchy green summer, golden-green autumn, and chilly green winter. The grass is always green(ish), on every side.


But perhaps I’ve not been giving Britain a fair chance. Maybe its metamorphosis is like its people. Maybe its seasons are more subtle, patient, and gentle than its North American counterparts.

And maybe I’ve just been spending too much time indoors in urban areas!

I know that cities experience change, too, but for me the transition is not quite as visceral. I spend too much time indoors, watching the seasons change through a pane of glass.This year I’m determined to get to know the seasons a bit better, and spend a lot more time outdoors and in the countryside.


I want to hear, see, smell, taste, touch autumn and experience it fully. This week I went on a few walks in Cheshire and North Wales and ate lots of creamy homemade soups.


What are your favourite Fall activities/adverntures/foods/experiences? What makes your fall for Fall?

More information:
Castell Dinas Brân, Llangollen
Delamere Forest


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