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img_6227Earlier this year, I started bullet journaling.  I’ve always kept a paper journal, organiser or Filofax, because I find it so much easier and more therapeutic to handwrite things – particular if I’m embarking on a creative stream of thought.

As a songwriter, I’ve always handwritten my ideas, scraps, and final drafts by hand.  It just feels better, somehow.

I wrote all of my university final exams by hand (hours and hours of finger cramps!), my reporter’s notes when I worked as a journalist, and even my shopping lists.

But the fact that I’m ever-so-slightly OCD meant that a lot of times, if I made a small mistake, I’d scrap my whole page and start again. Several time. Not great for my sense of inner-peace – or for the environment.

Until I discovered the erasable pen.

I generally only own one or two writing implements at a time which I keep in my handbag for easy access, and in the past these have been Silverman or Parker pens.

But when I was designing my journal, I stumbled across Pilot’s Frixion line which offered erasable pens (in many colours and sizes), highlighters, and markers, and was a convert.

Bolder, cleaner, and smoother than a pencil, but completely erasable, the Frixion rollerball pen is, in my opinion, a game changer for writers, bullet journal enthusiasts, artists.  You can write freely without worrying about making mistakes.  The highlighters (which also come in soft colours) are also fantastic for bullet journals, in particular.


I’ve tried many other brands of erasables in the past – but none write as smoothly or erase as cleanly as Frixion. I’ve also found that I can erase again and again over the same section several times before the markings begin to show.


After working my way through a pack of 4 black disposable ball points, I decided to invest in a gold Frixion LX pen (about £20), and a pack of refills. The individual disposable pens are actually quite expensive (£2.50 per pen), but refills for the LX cost about £1 each, and are much easier on the environment.

I use my pen a LOT, so for me the refillable option made sense both economically and environmentally.

Reasons the Frixion LX rollerball is my Essential Pen:

  • Writes smooth, bold, clean
  • Doesn’t feather or bleed through my pages (Moleskine paper)
  • Erases cleanly, so I don’t worry about making mistakes
  • Nice colour selection for barrels (red, silver, gold, blue, green, etc.)
  • Nice colour selection for ink refills
  • Feels nice to hold/write with for long periods of time
  • Refills are environmentally friendly and cost-effective (though still not cheap at roughly £1 per each)

The only warning I have is that Frixion uses quite a wet ink (no more than any other gel or fountain pen), and although it does not feather or smudge, you won’t want to run your hand over it immediately. I usually wait a few seconds for the ink to dry before turning my page as well, so I don’t get little specks on the opposite-facing paper – although if this happens, you can just erase them!

BUY: Pilot Frixion LX Retractable Rollerball Pen (0.7) medium

3 thoughts

  1. Just to say, the regular Frixion Erasable pens are refillable. They don’t look as classy as the one you’ve reviewed here, though.


    1. That’s great – I had no idea the basic plastic pens were refillable! They’ll be less expensive than the LX, so a great option for anyone on a budget not looking to dish out for the metal option!


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