ripe and ready | seasonal fruit picking in north wales

Today I headed to Llandegla, North Wales for a little berry picking.

We use lots of berries in smoothies, porridge, parfaits, and desserts, so this was a great excuse to get some fresh air and take advantage of some seasonal bounty.

I had big dreams of crumbles, sorbets, and muffins in abundance!

Unfortunately . . . the bounty was . . . not quite ripe for plundering . . .

Sadly, these blackberries weren’t quite ready to come home with me.


We did find some bilberries (wild European blueberries) that were just about ready to pick, but agreed it would be better to return for them in a week’s time.

So we grabbed some lunch at the Llandegla Forest Oneplanet Adventure café, which was actually surprisingly tasty! They boast “simple, home cooked food with local providence and cooked with passion,” as opposed to “‘slam-it-in-the-microwave’ food from a bag” – and they definitely get it right. I had a delicious vegetarian lentil dhal, and Oli had a fishfinger sandwich.

On our way home we swung by the Hawarden Estate Farm you-pick, where redcurrants, blackcurrants, and Czar plums are currently in season.

The orchard there was lovely and quiet (we were the only two picking) and the fruit were ripe and abundant!  I’ve decided that I really, really like fruit picking – it’s soothing. I think this is my new happy place.

I filled my punnet too quickly and immediately began to regret my efficiency. I could have woven in and out of the jewel-speckled trees for hours without getting bored.

These two large containers of currants and plums came to £2.80 in total. Very reasonable, I think!


So, not exactly the haul I was expecting, but we had a lovely walk in Llandegla Forest, a surprisingly tasty lunch, and we got to suss out our local you-pick (to which I will certainly be returning).

I’ll try for bilberries again next week, after I’ve figured out what today with today’s harvest! Recipe ideas for plums and red currants, anyone?


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  1. Looks lovely. Our son in law often takes Alice bike riding there.We have 2 allotments and this year they have been bursting with fruit! We have had plums, strawberries, blackcurrants and blackberries pears and apples. Veggies included potatoes, courgettes, brocolli, runner and french beans, cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes. They are mostly finished now but next year you will have to come over and share the bounty (and the digging!). We are quite close to the 84 bus route from Chester or a 35 minute drive. Luv Trev and Pam. x


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