bullet journal | my favourite master lists

My bullet journal is divided into two sections: the first half is my weekly diary, and the second half is made up of my collections.

My collections are pages dedicated to all kinds of things – emergency contacts, travel itineraries, holiday ideas, blog schedules, songs to learn (read more about my collections here), and also a few “master” lists.

Here are a few of my favourite checklists that help to keep me on track!

1. Master Grocery List. This is my “essentials” food/home list that I reference before I go grocery shopping. I have a quick look through the list, make sure I’m stocked, and add anything I need to the shop section of my weekly landing page.

These are all things I like to have on-hand at all times. It doesn’t include specific vegetables, fruit, proteins, etc. because I try to buy whatever’s in season fresh for recipes as I need them. My master list contains staples that support these seasonal ingredients (though I can also make lots of meals with these alone, too).

I categorize items according to where I keep them, not where they’re bought (ie. maple syrup lives in my fridge), so I can glance quickly around my kitchen to see whether I need to replace something.

2. Films/TV/Books/Audio. When I read a review, watch a trailer, or hear about something I’d like to watch/see/hear, I write it down immediately. It’s so simple, but so useful. Before I started doing this, I was always at a loss for what to download/borrow. Now when we sit down to watch a film, I don’t have to spend 20 minutes scrolling through Rotten Tomatoes beforehand. I also listen to a lot of radio review programs (Open Book, A Good Read, Front Row) and am now more likely to follow-up after hearing the interviews. I pull my journal out in the cinema, in restaurants, mid-conversation, and get it down as quick as possible so I can indulge later.

3. Ultimate Travel List. I wrote a full article on this list earlier in the summer, because I use it all the time. Over the last 6 months I’ve checked and erased this one so many times that the paper should be transparent by now. Whether I’m nipping to London for the weekend, or spending a month at home in Canada, this is my point of reference.

4. Monthly Budget. I used to keep my personal budget in an excel spreadsheet, but I’ve found it easier and more satisfying to document my income and expenses here. I thought I’d never really use this, but I love the feeling of physically ticking off bills once I’ve paid them. It works. I list expenses down the left side, and months across the top.

2 thoughts

  1. Can you show or send a link to the actual journal that you use? Do you always keep it in your handbag to refer to when you’re shopping, etc?

    I love your sections and would like to do the same thing — especially with groceries and movies.


    1. Hey Andrea! Thanks for your comment! So, the journal I use is a Moleskine (this model comes in several colours), and I’ve provided a link for it here: https://thelitestyle.com/2017/06/07/the-bullet-journal-getting-started/

      I do keep it with me at all times, so fortunately it’s very light. I keep very little in my handbag/backpack because I suffer from chronic shoulder/neck pain, so it’s one of only a couple things I carry with me. I’ve found having the journal and pen on me at all times to be really handy, and I can jot down ideas, to dos, shopping, etc as soon as they come to mind.

      Let me know how you get on, and thanks again for checking out my blog. I’m running a contest this week to win the nice metal version of the frixion eraseable pen, so you might be interested in checking that out, too! ash


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